About Us

John Mann’s background started out with a degree from the School of Architecture at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. After school, John joined the Jansen organization starting in the estimating department and culminating his 31 years in the organization as the Chief Operating Officer. Through his career he was the lead project manager on most of the prominent design/build projects constructed at Jansen.

John over the past six years has proven to be a valuable partner as an owner’s representative.  This role is to assist an owner in every stage of designing and constructing a building.  This typically means helping hire an architect; hire/bid a general contractor, inspecting all aspects of construction during the construction process.

For the executive team that does not have the time or the expertise to build the building that will take their company/organization in to the next phase of their ever growing operation, the owner’s representative and Mannedge Consulting is the answer.

Typical services provided by MannEdge might include:

Pre-Construction ServicesFunction as Owner’s Representative
  • Help coordinate design
  • Review proposed designs for constructability
  • Provide cost information for proposed design schemes
  • Research, analyze, and make recommendations on proposed systems
  • Provide life cycle analysis on systems and materials being considered
  • Perform value engineering services
  • Provide estimates for analysis of alternative schemes and systems
  • Develop bidding and procurement timetables for all major construction activities
  • Determine lead time for major equipment and materials
  • Prepare project schedule
  • Assist the architect in preparing specification sections delineating project requirements
  • Assemble and issue bid documents
  • Administer the bidding process
  • Pre-qualify bidders
  • Assemble and issue bid documents
  • Receive and thoroughly review / analyze bids
  • Recommend bid awards
  • Administer contract agreements with General Contractors and suppliers for owner direct purchasing
  • Upon award of contracts, hold a pre-construction meeting to review project requirements and goals
Services during Construction
  • Prepare all general contractors contracts.
  • Ensure work is being performed in accordance with the requirements of the contract document
  • Review and coordinate construction schedule with general contractors
  • Keep Owner informed of the progress of the work
  • Attend all weekly job meetings
  • Guard Owner against defects and deficiencies in the work
  • Review and certify all applications for payment by the general contractors
  • Summarize status weekly to the Owner
  • Summarize monthly the financials for the entire project
  • Prepare change orders and change directives
  • Work with the Architect and Owner to resolve field issues
  • Prepare punch-list with Architect and Owner
  • Expedite prompt correction of deficient work
Services after Construction
  • Arrange for training of Owner’s personnel in operation of mechanical, electrical and control systems
  • Conduct review with Owner prior to expiration of warranty period